Benefit Of Cast Iron Teapot

Tea is a very popular drink because you can find it all over the world. The interesting thing about this one drink is the manufacturing process that even some countries have a special tradition for drinking tea. This tradition may not have been done too much at this time but the equipment used in this traditional tradition gets a high enough interest from the tea lovers. The teapot used since ancient times and now remains popular is Teekanne aus Gusseisen or the cast iron teapot. The unique way to brew tea from traditional inspiration and be printed and adapted to modern comfort is the main attraction of this cast iron teapot.

At first, the cast iron teapot was only used to boil water then it was used to brew tea over an open charcoal fire which was believed to enhance its flavor. Tools for brewing tea with a cast iron type is often found in Asia, especially in Japan. Known as tetsubin in Japan, cast iron teapots have been an integral part of tea ceremonies since the 17th century. However, there is a difference between tetsubin and cast iron teapots which are widely circulating in the west, namely the enamel layer inside the teapot. Tetsubin as a whole is made of cast iron while the Western option has an enamel coating available in various colors. An enamel coating was added to the pitcher to reduce the risk of rust in the pitcher. However, this layer makes the kettle cannot be used directly on the stove because the heat from the fire will damage the layer. So, make sure you use a full cast iron construction if you want to use it directly on the stove.

Cast iron teapots are known for their long-lasting properties. Compared to glass or porcelain kettles, cast iron teapots are much stronger withstand damage from drops and bumps. This teapot can also add minerals needed by the body because according to experts a small amount of iron enters the water at each heating of a teapot that is not coated with enamel. Iron is believed to have many health benefits and enrich the taste of tea.

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