Difference Between Company And Industry

The definition of the Company is a place to carry out the activities of the production of goods or services. This is because ‘human‘ needs cannot be used directly and must pass a ‘process‘ somewhere so that the core of the company is ‘place to do the process‘ until it can be directly used by humans. In the manufacturing process, company incorporation singapore is needed for the licensing process at an affordable cost.

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To produce goods ready for consumption, companies need materials and other supporting factors, such as raw materials, supporting materials, equipment, and labor. To obtain raw materials and supporting materials and labor, a number of costs are called the production costs.

The results of production activities are goods or services, these goods or services will be sold to recover costs. If the sale of goods or services is greater than the costs incurred, the company will get a profit and vice versa if the results of the sale of goods or services are smaller than the total costs incurred, the company will suffer losses. Thus in producing goods, the company combines several factors of production to achieve the goal of profit.

The company is a technical entity that aims to produce goods or services. The company is also called the place where the production process takes place which combines the factors of production to produce goods and services. The company is a tool of business entities to achieve the goal of seeking profit. People or institutions that conduct business at companies are called entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs trying in diverse business fields.

Whereas the industry viz
The term industry comes from the Latin language, namely industrial which means labor or labor. Today, the term industry is often used broadly and broadly, that is, all human activities to meet their needs in order to prosper.

Industrial activity has actually been around for a long time, namely since humans were on earth thousands of years ago at a very modest level. Along with the rapid development of science and technology possessed by humans, industrial activities are growing and developing increasingly complex.

In a narrow sense, the industry is an economic activity that processes raw materials, raw materials, semi-finished goods, and finished goods into goods with a higher value of use, including industrial design and engineering activities.

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