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Effective Treatment For Eczema On Baby

Eczema is a general term used to describe a group of different skin conditions. Eczema on the baby’s skin is one condition that is quite common in babies from newborn to one year old. Acute eczema may occur with dry, flaking skin conditions red. Eczema is commonly suffered by children, even more, vulnerable in infants because babies have a more sensitive immune system than other ages. Eczema has no cure. But generally, this skin condition can be controlled properly and will often recover after several months or years. The most effective treatment is to prevent the skin from becoming dry and itchy, you could use baby eczema cream to avoid triggers that cause recurrence.

Give your child a daily bath in lukewarm water. After bathing, rinse twice to remove the remaining soap (which may be an irritant). Then use a cream or ointment within three minutes after coming out of the tub to retain moisture. Avoid clothing that often triggers itching or irritation (wool or synthetic materials). If there is extraordinary itching, use cold compresses in the area, followed by the application of prescribed medication.