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Damp Wall Must Be Avoided At All Cost

Many ways people do today to overcome the humidity on the walls of the house, especially using layers or paint made from asphalt or bitumen. Today, the wall covering, which is familiarly called aqua proof or waterproof, is a waterproof coating that is applied by applying it or spraying it on walls, concrete floors, and others. Apart from that, if your damp wall is caused due to a humid crawl space, we recommend you to call the best crawl space repair company near your area.

Another common method is to use PVC or PE coating. In the form of sheets, this method is considered impractical. Many people end up preferring to cover it with ceramics, which are considered able to ward off water seepage. This method is considered more effective, especially for wet wall types such as in the bathroom.

For those who crave healthy living, damp wall conditions must be avoided, and absolutely needs to be repaired or even replaced with new walls. The lack of openings or ventilation or natural air circulation makes the walls moist, which ultimately triggers the emergence of diseases, such as lung disease or asthma.