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Types Of Sandals For Women

Are you the type of woman who likes to look relaxed and casual? Sandals can be the right choice for your footwear if you don’t want to use ‘heavy’ and closed shoes. If you want to look tall, but don’t normally wear high heels, then wedges sandals are for you. The shape of the heels that are thick and blend with the whole bottom of the sole, making one of the most popular types of women’s sandals more comfortable to wear, and gives the impression of a feminine but relaxed.

This woman’s flat sandals model at a glance looks similar to strap sandals and casual sandals when viewed from the flat sole shape. However, flat sandals have a more diverse form of the strap, or no straps at all, and are generally thick in size. Suitable for you who like an effortless look but still chic. One more sandal with short heels that will enhance your appearance, namely open-toe sandals. One of the popular models of women’s sandals usually has a rope shape that leaves a little space for your toes, so this sandal is suitable for non-formal and semi-formal activities.