There Are Ways To Clean Fabric Sofas

It is easier to clean sofas and chairs that have cloth wrappers because you can simply put the cover in the washing machine or take it to the laundry if it’s too big. Read and follow the instructions for your sofa cover. If your sofa and chair don’t have removable covers, you need the right cloth sofa cleaning product and an effective method of handling stains and dirt. Aside from that, you may call Sears Clean Chicago if you can’t clean your sofa on your own.

There is no definite method for cleaning the sofa. Therefore, you need to try several techniques before finding the most appropriate for your upholstered furniture. The following is a basic guide on how to clean a fabric sofa. To find out more precisely how to clean your fabric furniture, read the care instructions on the label.

Get rid of dust and dirt. Before using any fabric sofa cleaning products or products, remove dirt and dust from all surfaces of the sofa and chair. You can use a cloth, feather duster, a soft bristle brush, or a vacuum cleaner with a hairy tip so as not to damage the upholstery of the sofa.

Handle patches of dirt. Use a wet tissue or microfiber cloth that has been moistened with a little vinegar to wipe away the spots or stains. First test the cleaning material or product that you will use in a small hidden area before applying it to the entire surface of the sofa.

Clean the entire surface. Use a microfiber cloth moistened with a detergent solution to gently wipe the couch cover. Allow a few moments so that the content of the detergent solution works to overcome the dirt under the surface of the sofa. You only need to make the microfiber cloth damp so as not to soak the sofa, so squeeze the cloth so that there is no water dripping.

Dry it. Some people use a hairdryer to dry the couch quickly, but letting the couch dry naturally is the best choice. For speeding up the process, open the window and let the wind in.

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