You May Consider A Tropical Theme For Your Living Room

The living room as the first indoor space in a house is a reflection of the family who lives in it. The design of the living room needs to be thought out in detail, especially for families who often receive guests because of the breadth of association or business relationships. However, for families with relatively less frequent use of the living room intensity, the living room can be combined with the family room or workspace. Additionally, if you feel like to add more artistic items in your living room, we recommend you consider buying art for your living room.

The narrowness of the land, as well as the minimalist trend that unites two or more spaces to be multi functional and easy to maintain, are also contributing factors to unify the living room with other spaces. So, we recommend that from the beginning of the design first make sure the concept of the living room clearly.

One great concept for a living room is a tropical theme. The comfort of a fresh tropical atmosphere comes from the white color on the walls and sofas, as well as the unique and charming turquoise color. A wave-carved table and threaded rattan chairs feature ethnic elements that make the living room look elegant. Sofa cushions in various sizes and colors can be made by yourself from a piece of fabric. Simple works that are able to bring comfort, as well as a decoration that makes the living room look stylish.

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